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DUI Wet and Reckless

Orange County DUI Wet And Reckless Lawyer

A wet and reckless is a charge of Vehicle Code Section 23103.5. You cannot be charged with a wet a reckless, however, District attorneys are allowed to reduce your case from a DUI to a wet and reckless.

Some of the advantages of this reduction are:

  1. The alcohol school is much shorter in duration.
  2. The fines are about half the amount of a DUI fine.
  3. It may benefit you in terms of insurance rates.
  4. Depending on your job, it may be beneficial to maintaining your employment status.

At the Law Offices of Stull & Stull, we are very familiar with the requirements to obtain a wet and reckless in a DUI case, and we will seek the reduction for our clients if the law and facts surrounding the case justify the request.

Please contact the Law Offices of Stull & Stull today to discuss your DUI and the possibility of reducing the charge to a wet and reckless. We will educate you and plan a defense strategy. Remember, the initial consultation is free.

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