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Drug Possession Charges

Orange County Drug Possession Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested for drug possession, please contact the Law Offices of Stull & Stull immediately. Drug possession cases are the best cases to defend because there are many solutions to winning your drug case.

There are many issues that need to be discussed in your initial consultation regarding a drug possession case.

  1. Were you lawfully stopped or detained?
  2. Did the officer have probable cause or consent to search you?
  3. Were you in actual or constructive possession of the drugs?
  4. Did the officer read you your Miranda Rights?
  5. Was there a usable amount of drugs?

With drug possession cases, there are many opportunities to get a case dismissed. However, in a drug case there are also opportunities to get the dismissal, even if you plead guilty. There are options of PC1000 and Prop 36.

If our office is not able to get the case dismissed in terms of punishment, there are drug treatment facilities you can attend where you obtain day-for-day credit so you never actually have to serve jail time. At the Law Offices of Stull & Stull, all drug cases are handled on an individual basis, taking into account each and every individual fact. Please contact our office today so we can prepare a defense strategy and plan in order to help you to obtain the best resolution to your case.

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