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Motion To Suppress Evidence (PC 1538.5)

Orange County Unreasonable Search and Seizure Defense Lawyer

The best way to win a drug offense is to get the case dismissed because a police officer violated a rule of search and seizure. In the criminal courts, we refer to this as filing a Motion to Suppress under Penal Code Section 1538.5.

When we file a motion under PC1538.5, we research all case law regarding how the officer had probable cause to search you, detain you, arrest you, or question you. There are numerous books written on search and seizure and the suppression of evidence. Each case is analyzed by our office on a case-by-case individual basis. One mistake by a police officer can change the entire dynamics of one’s case. Our office triumphs on 1538.5 quite frequently. However, they can be extremely difficult motions to win, and you must decipher the facts of each case, as well as review all discovery prior to filing a motion to suppress.

Please contact our office today to discuss whether your case has evidence which can be suppressed under the Search and Seizure Doctrines. We would be happy to consult with you to review this option. The consultation is free.

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