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Prescription Drug Possession

Orange County Prescription Drug Possession Defense Lawyer

Today it is very popular to be arrested for prescription drugs. Drugs like Xanax, Oxicotton, Norcos, Valium, and other similar drugs are all against the law if you are not in possession of a valid prescription. If you are caught with these drugs, contact our office today. There are many defenses to this type of charge. Typically the district attorney’s office does not test these drugs. We are able to get the charges dismissed as there has been no actual test of the drugs. In addition, they would have to prove you knew what the drug was and it is actually very difficult to ascertain what drug is in a pill form versus someone who is carrying a baggy of white powder.

Finally, there are differences in these charges between felonies and misdemeanors. When you contact our offices, we will review with you what the case will be charged as.

In conclusion, there are drug treatment facilities that our firm is in touch with and can assist you with addiction of prescription drugs.

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