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DUI Third Offense

Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer

If you have received your third DUI within 10 years, you have a very serious case.

The minimum jail time in a third DUI is 120 days. Typically, the District Attorney’s office asks for a minimum of 150-180 days. Sometimes 3rd time DUI’s carry as much as 270 days.

The issues involved in a third time DUI are basically the same as in a first or second time DUI, except the consequences are far more serious.

The critical issue in a third time DUI is the actual jail time that will be imposed. If you receive a third time DUI, you obviously have an alcohol problem, and we encourage our clients to complete any court ordered jail time in an approved alcohol facility. The advantage of this is that you can go to the alcohol school or facility and live there while trying to rehabilitate yourself without actually going to a county jail. The advantage of this is two fold; you will help yourself become rehabilitated, but without the worries and uncertainties that can accompany spending time in a county jail facility, and you will receive jail time credit served for each day you spend in the program. If however, you fail to adequately complete the program for any reason, most courts will require that you complete all of your jail time in a county jail facility, without receiving any credit for any time spent in the rehabilitation center.

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