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Proposition 36 – California Penal Code Section 1210.1

Orange County Drug Diversion Lawyers

Proposition 36 is a law passed in California allowing judges to order drug treatment in place of jail time for defendants convicted of certain drug related crimes.

Prop 36 is very similar to PC1000, it is used when there is an inadequate or failure to complete PC1000Prop 36 is for individuals who have multiple drug convictions. It is more intensive and strict then PC1000 and more difficult to complete. Many individuals fail out of Prop 36. If this happens, the defendant will usually be required to go to jail.

However, if you complete Prop 36, your case will be dismissed very similar to a PC1000. Please contact the Law Offices of Stull & Stull today to review Prop 36 with you to determine if you qualify.

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