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DUI Blood & Breath Tests

Orange County DUI Defense Lawyers

An Orange County DUI attorney must challenge blood test and breath test results. This is a critical stage is an essential element in your defense in order to have your case dismissed.  This is the foundation of what an Orange County DUI lawyer is mandated to do.  The most common type of test administered to drivers in Orange County suspected of driving under the influence is a breath test. It is commonly referred to as a breathalyzer test.  Often time’s blood tests are administered but only if requested by the driver. Urine test are given when the officer suspects the case involves driving under the influence of a controlled substance of drug such as cocaine or methamphetamine.

Orange County DUI lawyer s and attorneys at the law offices of Stull & Stull defend clients everyday who fail l to pass blood breath and urine tests. This result demonstrates that their blood alcohol level or concentration commonly referred to as (BAC) results were greater than .08% or higher. If you are a commercial vehicle and you receive a DUI, you are in violation if your BAC is above .04% or higher; I you are under 21 DUI, the standard is .01% or higher. The test result of the blood alcohol level of a person is the most important factor in reviewing the case of any driving under the influence allegation. Orange County DUI defense attorneys and defense lawyers realize this factor.  We incorporate the latest and best of DUI defenses to challenge the credibility of these BAC tests and those results. We use that information to suppress the BAC and blood alcohol evidence in all cases we handle

Blood, breath and Urine tests are only part of the spectrum. There are also field sobriety tests.  Challenging the combination of the BAC tests and the field sobriety test results, are essential in defending a client in a DMV hearing. The DMV must hold a hearing to suspend a person’s driver’s license. This hearing is conducted by the DMV to try to uphold the suspension of the person’s driver’s license. This hearing rests solely upon physical evidence. Our office Orange County DUI lawyers and attorneys ability to present evidence that the Blood breath or Urine test, blood test or urine test results are inadmissible will cause the DMV to reverse the suspension and restore the driver’s license to our client.  This means our client will keep his or her license and the license will not be suspended.

Orange County DUI Defense Attorneys

Have you failed a BAC test and were arrested for DUI in Orange County or driving under the influence in Orange County, you must hire an experienced  DUI  lawyer or DUI attorney who can defend you and win your case.  Our experienced DUI lawyer and DUI Attorneys   help clients just like you every day throughout Orange County and challenge their case and defend against their DUI charges.  We are the best lawyer and attorneys who off the best most experienced legal defense and advice in Orange County.

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