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PC1000 Drug Diversion (PC 1000)

Orange County Drug Diversion Lawyer

PC1000 stands for California Penal Code Section 1000 (Drug Diversion). If we decide to choose a resolution involving PC1000, at the end of the case your case would be dismissed and your records would likewise be dismissed. In order to qualify for PC1000, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. The defendant has no conviction for any offense involving controlled substances prior to the alleged commission of the charged defense;
  2. The offense charge did not involve a crime of violence or threatened violence;
  3. There is no evidence of a violation relating to narcotics or restricted dangerous drugs other than a violation of the section listed in the subdivision;
  4. The defendant’s record does not indicate that probation or parole has ever been revoked without thereafter being completed;
  5. The defendant’s record does not indicate he/she has successfully completed or been terminated from diversion or deferred entry of judgment to this chapter within five (5) years prior to the alleged commission of the offense;
  6. The defendant has no prior felony conviction within five (5) years prior to the alleged commission of the charged defense.

PC1000 works as follows:

  1. You enter a plea of guilty to the charges;
  2. Criminal proceedings are suspended;
  3. You must complete a ten (10) week drug abuse class;
  4. Once the class is completed, you go back to court and show proof of completion;
  5. After that, the Judge will continue your case for one (1) year. In theory, it is approximately an eighteen (18) month period of time that you must remain free of any charges;
  6. After that time, your case is dismissed.

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