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Prostitution – Sex Crimes

Orange County Prostitution Defense Lawyer

California Penal Code 639-653.2

The statute for Lewd Conduct is part of a catchall section of the California Penal Code system that covers a spectrum of disorderly conduct (drunk in public, prostitution and solicitation, trespassing, loitering). If there is a charge for solicitation of prostitution, the specific citation is CPC 647(b).

Being charged with this kind of criminal offence is stressful. These cases are very sensitive and can very embarrassing. This type of charge if not dealt with properly can affect family relationships. We understand the sensitive nature of this and we handle these types of cases in the most confidential manner as possible.

According to CPC 647(b), any person who solicits or agrees to engage in an act of prostitution is guilty of a misdemeanor. If you are a male who has solicited someone who is a prostitute who happened to be an undercover police officer, your life is not over!

In most misdemeanors cases, California Penal Code Section 977(a) allows us – as your criminal defense attorney – to appear for you in court so that you don’t have to. This will help you avoid some personal embarrassment that can be related to this type of charge. If you are facing criminal charges, you need to speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer to find out if we can appear in court for you.

Defense Strategy

There are many defenses to acts of prostitution and/or solicitation. Depending on what was discussed, the police must bring evidence that establishes that there was an agreement to engage in an act of prostitution. Sometimes the police department has the prostitute on a wire so that they can tape record your conversation. Sometimes the undercover officer is not wired, and no conversation is recorded. If so you do have defenses and these cases can be difficult to prove. In either case, the Law Offices of Stull & Stull takes a very aggressive and proactive approach in defending these cases.

Although public opinion and social attitudes of certain moral issues have changed, a charge of solicitation for prostitution often will often result in the defendant being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In most communities in Orange County, arrest does not always mean a conviction. Only an active and meaningful investigation by the defense will uncover mitigating circumstances that could significantly change the outcome.

We need to act immediately to obtain witness statements, preserve evidence and to get your side of the story.
Please contact our office today so we can set an appointment to discuss your case, educate you on the laws pertaining to this type of charge and plan your defense strategy. This matter will be kept in strict confidence and the initial consolation is free.

Stull & Stull is led by Adam Stull, a former deputy district attorney. He has experience consulting with police officers and opposing counsel. He has spent considerable amount of time prosecuting misdemeanor and felony offenses involving a full range of charges. He can plan a defense and prepare your case in the best way possible, endeavoring to avoid penalties that can be imposed by the court for this kind of charge.

If you are serious about obtaining a case dismissal or receiving a substantial reduction for your charges, then your next move is obtaining experienced and aggressive legal counsel that will provide you with the best possible outcome.

The Law Offices of Stull & Stull has more than 45 years of combined criminal trial experience in Orange County as well as Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Kern, Tulare, Fresno and Ventura counties. The Law Office of Stull & Stull is based in Laguna Hills, California.

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