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Defense Attorney Orange County

Petty charges and crimes ranging from DUI to shoplifting of less than $950 should only be marked as a misdemeanor. Let a defense attorney in Orange County help you in reducing your charges and penalties. Stull & Stull is a diligent and committed representative that can help you in fighting for your freedom and rights in court. Contact us at through our website.  

Penal Code 240 prohibits assault, which is defined under the law as a threat or apparent intent to hurt another individual through physical violence. Penal Code 424 defines battery as the actual act of physical violence. Getting charged with either assault or battery can have grave consequences on your life, so be sure to hire the best criminal defense lawyer Orange County to defend your rights.
It is common to be charged with assault and battery simultaneously. Both charges come with harsh penalties—expensive fines, probation, and prison time are common. Your driver's license could be revoked or suspended, too. If a firearm is involved in the charges, your right to own one can be forfeited. Having a defense attorney in orange county helps you protect your freedom, rights, and future.
Assault and battery charges can stay in your criminal record and affect the rest of your life. They can prevent you from getting hired in a job. You could also be fired from your current job, and you can be ostracized from your community. Assault and battery are violent crimes, and if they occur following two other violent crimes on your record, your prison sentence can be doubled according to the Three Strikes Law of California. Hence, you must do your best to hire a qualified criminal defense lawyer Orange County from the Law Offices of Stull & Stull.
Call us for a complimentary consultation about your assault and battery charges, and we will do our best to help you. The Law Offices of Stull & Stull represents clients in Southern California, no matter what their criminal charges are. We have successfully helped many clients for more than 45 years.
Defense Attorney Orange County
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Defense Attorney Orange County

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