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Forgery Crimes

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California Forgery Cases

Violation of California Penal Code 470 - 483.5 PC

When you hear the word "forgery" you immediately think of someone faking a signature on a check. But the charge itself has broader legal definition in California.

A case of forgery could involve a range of violations - generally, California Penal Code Section 470 - 483.5 PC. Forgery is defined as someone who has intent to defraud by knowingly signing someone else's name to a document, fakes a seal or someone else's handwriting, or falsely signs or changes a legal document like a will, contract or deed to property, especially documents pertaining to money, finances (like a check).

More often than not, a charge of forgery can result in alteration of a driver’s license, or forgery of records (accounting or medical records). Forgery can also occur when bank drafts or checks are signed or endorsed by someone who is not authorized.

Having said all this, it is interesting that for a charge of forgery to end up as a conviction, the court (the prosecutor) must show that the defendant had clear intent to commit a fraud.

The real danger from the charge is that in California, a charge of forgery can be a "wobbler" - a charge that can result as either misdemeanor or felony. If the charge is a misdemeanor,  the defendant could be facing one year in prison. For a felony charge of forgery, three years. The court can also hand down punishment that ranges from prison time to probation with no jail time.

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