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Fish and Game Violations

Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer
California Fish and Game Violations

Violation of California Penal Code 503

We are called upon to defend all types of violations and offenses involving fish and game (wildlife law). Among the cases we have handled are a wide range of hunting laws and violations, including license violations, trespassing, wasting of wildlife, illegal possession of wildlife or firearm, use of motor vehicles, failure to field dress, or unlawful taking.

The fact is, all nature enthusiasts, whether you are a hunter, a fisherman, or even someone who likes the outdoors - you have so many laws to ranging from state, federal statutes and plus local regulations. If you find yourself charged with breaking a law or regulation, you may even be bewildered by the number of statutes that you've been charged with - for a single act. You could be facing a myriad of civil or criminal claims - a lawsuit by a private party, criminal charges by a state or federal agency, or fines charged by a local regional agency.

Defending yourself from just one of these charges isn't easy - let alone three or up to five at one time. If you have been issued a citation or arrested on a fish and game violation, please contact the Law Offices of Stull & Stull immediately. We have great experience with all aspects of these violations and their nuances. There are several defenses and alternate resolutions to fish and game violations.  

Contact and Experienced Orange County fish and game violation attorney. The Law Offices of Stull & Stull is ready to assist you in planning a defense strategy for your fish and game violation offence.

There are many issues involved in all cases, and if you call the Law Offices of Stull & Stull, we can discuss them all with you. Don't take your freedom for granted. Get professional legal help as soon as you possibly can to plan a defense strategy. Remember that the initial consultation is free.

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