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Probation Modification

Orange County Probation Modification Lawyer

Most of our clients that are on probation want to modify or change a term of their probation. The law allows you to petition the court through your lawyer to change the terms and conditions of your probation. Some examples are:


The list goes on and on. We can file a motion to change the terms of your probation. The code section that we follow is Penal Code Section 1202.3.

Compared to other motions, this can be heard on short term notice. A typical motion may take 10-30 days to hear. A motion to modify probation requires a two day notice and we can have it filed very quickly. We will serve a copy of the motion on the district attorney and the probation department in the court where you entered your plea.

At the hearing we will argue your case and we will have an order for the court to sign granting our motion. From then on the terms of probation are changed.

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