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Criminal Lawyer Orange County

Are you looking for an experienced criminal lawyer in Orange County? Call the Law Offices of Stull & Stull- their core competency is in understanding the case that is against you, and in leveraging their experience to keep you out of jail. 


With more than 45 years of combined criminal trial experience in the greater Orange County area, Stull & Stull offers the kind of high-powered court room experience and expertise that can make a difference in the outcome of your case.


Do you have a DUI conviction in your history? It’s possible to expunge your DUI records. When you talk to the criminal lawyer from Stull & Stull in Orange County they can give you more information about having your records expunged. While not all convictions can be dismissed, expungement could be the best course of action for you if you have had a misdemeanor or a felony that could have been charged as a misdemeanor.


There are some penal codes that allow the expungement of criminal records that may still profit certain types of convictions from being dismissed. These exceptions may include serious vehicle code violations or sexual offenses against minors.


If you feel that the expungement of your records will be beneficial to you, contact Stull & Stull by calling 877-815-7421. Expungement of Records means that your criminal records are closed or sealed from the State or Federal Repository. In California, if you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, your record may be cleared or expunged as long as you did not go to state prison and have successfully completed the terms of your probation.


There are many benefits associated with expungement, including the after-effects which mean that background checks will not reveal any record on you. Expunged records are moved to a separate location, where authorities and civilians do not have access, as a rule. Expungement can greatly affect:


- Your employment opportunities. You can now check ‘no’ when asked if you have ever been convicted.

- Your ability to vote

- Your ability to apply for a professional, state license

- Your ability to own and possess a firearm

- Your ability to apply for housing, jobs and schools

- The results from background checks, creditors and insurance companies


The criminal lawyer from Stull & Stull in Orange County will evaluate your case to determine if you quality for expungement. Typically, you may qualify of your record involves any of these points:


- You were charged with a certain type of conviction that is often called a wobbler

- The courts must approve your case for expungement

- Probation terms were successfully completed by you

- It has been 3 years since probation, parole or straight release

- All fines and court costs have been paid in full

- Community service has been rendered

- It has been 1 year since a misdemeanor conviction

- It has been 2 years since a Grand Jury statement of ‘No Bill’.

- Immediate after a no-guilty verdict or the dismissal of a case that was properly recorded as such.


If you need to speak with a criminal lawyer in Orange County with regard to having your criminal record expunged, please contact Stull & Stull at 877-815-7421.

Criminal Lawyer Orange County
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Criminal Lawyer Orange County
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