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California Prop 47 Lawyer Orange County

Thanks to California Prop 47, petty crimes will no longer be charged and records can only mark as misdemeanor instead of something more serious. If you need help in the review of your case, contact a California Prop 47 lawyer Orange County. Stull & Stull has years of experience in all kinds of criminal matter. Fill up the contact form on our website to request an appointment.

Since November 2014, Proposition 47 has been changing the lives of many California inmates, giving them another chance at a fresh start. A California Prop 47 lawyer Orange County can help convicted criminals reclassify their crimes; for instance, your felony charge may be reduced to a misdemeanor, so you get a reduced prison sentence and clear your records.
The following offenses may qualify for Proposition 47:
Petty theft and shoplifting under $950
Simple drug possession
Receipt of stolen property, which is valued under $950
Writing a bad check or forging a check that is worth under $950.
How A Lawyer Can Help You Get Your Life Back Under Proposition 47
Proposition 47 caused many cases to be considered again reduced penalty, so California courtrooms are busy with increased workloads. You need legal counsel to make sure that your case can be properly heard in California courtrooms. A judge may deny a plea for relief if he or she believes you are a threat to the community, so it would be better if you have a California Prop 47 lawyer Orange County to fight for your rights.
Remember that the law permits convicted criminals to apply for Proposition 47 within three years, so you need to do something as soon as you have been sentenced. Contact the Law Offices of Stull & Stull for a consultation about your case. We are a leader in Orange County criminal defense. Our attorneys will fight for your right to be free using our knowledge and skills in navigating the California criminal justice system.
California Prop 47 Lawyer Orange County
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California Prop 47 Lawyer Orange County
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